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Diamond Care Center Philosophy


Our mission is to enrich the lives of those we serve.


RESPECT everyone for who they are and who they may become.

  • Greet everyone with a smile and call them by name.
  • Treat everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.

RECOGNIZE that every person is unique and has their own set of values, beliefs, ideas and own way of doing things.

  • Offer people as many choices as we can.
  • Address people’s needs with a sense of urgency.
  • Anticipate people’s needs.

RESPOND to all your concerns, needs and ideas.

  • Only make promises you can keep.
  • Give no excuses, apologies only.
  • Resolve everyone’s concerns.
  • Be part of the team.


…because the journey matters


  • PROVIDER OF CHOICE – Exceed our customer’s expectations
  • HIGH PERFORMING WORK ENVIRONMENT – Maximize employee involvement, participation and empowerment
  • ORGANIZATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY – Achieve established goals while adhering to our vision, mission and values

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